About Us


It is the spirit and working style of SuDaN that has won the trust of its customers. Even entry of SuDaN into Turnkey solutions has been guided by their existing customers who were happy about our professional approach towards on-time delivery and quality execution. Entry of SuDaN in turnkey solutions has heralded professionalism into otherwise not so organised sector.

SuDaN is a company that keeps more focus on customer satisfaction rather that the quantum of business. SuDaN is never desperate about getting business. Instead we believe in taking only the amount of business that we can serve well resulting in more number of happy customers.

We have experienced that if we take care of our customers well; we also get appreciated and taken care of well by our customers. In case where customers already have SuDaN’s experience we do not encounter any issues like cut throat competitions because customers know that SuDaN kind of service will come at a price. Nevertheless our competitiveness is driven by our efficiency, our streamlined processes of project deliveries and an inherent urge in our team to serve customers well.

We also feel that we have grown this way due to support of our team that is responsive to customer requirements. Approach of our team is to provide a customized solution that fits well into customer needs and requirement. We really don’t believe in stop gap solutions. If SuDaN proposes a solution, it has to be perfect fit that can help customers take an informed decision. We have our own team to support implementations and provide after sales services.

SuDaN will endeavour to keep on learning from of its experiences and progressively work towards better customer experiences.

Our Company Values

We conduct our business with the family’s core value of character, courage and integrity. We firmly believe that with the right combination and values there is unlimited potential for success.

Our Vision

•Drive Customer & Employee Delight
•Set Quality Benchmarks
•Learn , Acquire, Grow
•Supplement Competencies
•Together, We can Achieve


Our Mission

•To achieve greater customer satisfaction
•To ensure international standards of quality in our Services and Solutions
•To ensure streamlined processes, functions and model.